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Uses of Mind Mapping in FE & HE Education!


The idea behind this Wiki!!

A Wiki is effectively a web page that can be edited by anyone. I am using this as an experiment to see if a Wiki could be used as a support tool.

You can navigate around this site to access information on the uses of Mind Mapping Software, but more importantly you can add to other peoples comments, or create your own. If this experiment works, then we we could end up with a very powerful resource with lots of ideas for the uses of Mind Mapping, and tips to help other people.


Editing this site

Teaching and Learning Tips

Mind Mapping and Learning Sequence Creation


About A Mindmaps Directory with over one thousand mindmaps (Quick link: Mindmaps Directory)

About A search engine focused on mindmapping web sites (Quick link: Mindmapping Search)



Tips on using Mind Genius 2005

Tips on using the software for Mind Genius Version 1

Tips on using Inspirations

Tips on using 3D Topicscape Personal Edition

Tips on using SMART Ideas

Tips on using Mind Manager

Tips on using Nova Mind

Tips on using Nova Mind Express

Tips on using Free Mind


Tips on finding mindmapping software


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Anonymous said

at 11:16 am on Oct 1, 2007

I was adding a tips section to the main page using the old editor and it unexpectedly lost about half the page. I recovered it from the Google cache and reinstated it, but the same thing happened repeatedly. It is all back to normal after I switched to the new editor, but it seems that the old editor is not safe now.

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