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Mind Mapping and Learning Sequence Creation

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I am the Senior Learning Advisor at RSC Scotland North & East and we have been using Mind Manager for a number of years as the design engine for the creation of simple online learning resources. We have used this tool specifically over the last couple of years to power a series of events which we call the 'e-Olympics' and which take 'ordinary' staff through the process of creating interactive learning materials from the design to the prototype stage over the space of two days.


We have run 25 such events reaching over 700 staff so far in colleges from Hawick to the Orkneys (scheduled for Jan 2007) and we have six more such events booked up to the summer of 2007. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive as, often for the first time, staff begin to see how they can become involved in the online world without investing huge amounts of valuable time in learning highly specialised software.


Over the two days we lead delegates through three stages of working with the map:



  • designing the map (what will the final learning sequence look like?)
  • enhancing the map (what resources, local & web based, can we link to the map)
  • exporting the map (the final sequence is exported as a series of linked web pages. This is the real jaw dropper.)




Full details of the e-Olympics can be found on the RSC website at:




This programme of training events was supported and developed with funding from the Scottish Funding Council and at their request we have produced a booklet containing the full instructions on how to run the event and links to all the materials we use in its delivery, designed to allow individual colleges - or any other interested party - to run the event under their own steam. We'd be happy to provide this - including national anthems of the participating nations - to anyone who is interested. You can download a copy from:




For more information just email me at:-




I have tried to upload the manual we distribute to delegates as part of the event which takes them through the three stages described above. (This is based on Mind Manager X6 we have have now reluctantly adopted, though I believe that for our purposes Mind Manager 2002 Enterprise edition is a far more flexible product.)

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